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    About Us

    Organic, Full Spectrum

    We're so INFUSIASCTIC about providing quality botanically infused products with compassion and convenience.  Our mission is to provide an alternative, natural path to wellness without using  pharmaceuticals, chemicals, preservative or GMO's. 

    Botanically Infused Skincare Products and more

    We offer a broad array of botanically infused topicals geared toward homeostasis which is the ultimate state of health. 

    Our Promise to You

    Organic, Full Spectrum, (Whole Plant) and lab tested for purity and potency - our skincare recipes are formulated with the simple abundance that only  Mother Nature provides.  We take care to source our ingredients from fair, sustainable and earth friendly practices and partnerships. 

    Our Potocol


    Eliminate gluten and sugar! This includes pizza, pasta, crackers waffles, pancakes and all  preprocessed/packaged foods. Eat organic, non gmo, whole food and go heavy on the greens. 


    Certain botanicals contain anti inflammatory and analgesic qualities and has shown to be an effective treatment for chronic pain.  Our products are infused with these organic, full spectrum oils and are preferred by our loyal satisfied customers.



    Satisfied customers that  suffer from chronic pain have been turning to herbs infused into food, topicals and medibles for relief without the use of addictive pharmaceutical medications or other chemicals, preservatives or GMOs.  We will be expanding our product offerings to include medibles soon.


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    Nice to meet you!

    Carmen outdoors, natural, hemp

    Compassionate and Inspired

    Carmen suffered from chronic pain from childhood emotional and physical abuse until she discovered the healing properties of botanical herbs such as hemp, chamomile, sage and other natural remedies. Carmen wants to share what she's learned with others about plant based remedies. Plants that were put on earth by God for our healing.  This is the reason for the name of her company, because it is not from her works that people are finding relief from pain, anxiety and dis-ease, no she gives the Glory to God for her healing and considers herself merely the messenger. Now Carmen has made it her life's mission to help others find their path to healing and to help them live a life free from pain, drugs and abuse.

    Your body has the innate ability to heal

    Many issues can be helped if you learn to help and support your body to do what it was designed to do - live an abundant life free of disease.  Medical doctors are not schooled on how to heal naturally.  Save yourself from addiction to opioids. Eliminate toxic chemicals that are in our air, water, food and cosmetics whenever possible.  So much disease today is from toxic overload; there comes a tipping point when your body can no longer cope with this assault.  We need to get back to nature and work with our body to heal rather than taking drugs (toxins) and suffering further with their side affects.

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    Want to learn how to make your own spa products or natural remedies using ingredients like organic full spectrum hemp extract and other botanicals? Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions, comments, or any inquiries you may have.

    You can ask me anything!  If we need longer than a short question or if you would like to learn how you can make your own tinctures, tonics, balms and infusions or spa products - schedule an appointment for a one one one consultation.

    We're Infusiastic about your wellness

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